Keira Cass book signing event

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When I saw this big tarpaulin in Ayala Center Cebu, I got really excited.  I knew who Keira Cass is and I know her books. My roommate has been encouraging me to read The Selection, claimed that it is very nice and the plot is like Hunger games Trilogy. I was reluctant at first because it is a book for teenagers. I think I have already passed the phase of being a teenager and reading their books sounds too corny for me.


Since I have always wanted to have a book signed by an author, I decided to really go to this event.  I even set a reminder and cleared my schedule for the book signing event.


The book signing event started at 3PM. I arrived in Ayala at 4PM and this is what I saw. The activity center is jam-packed. They said it’s better now because some people already left the premises after their book was signed. Most of the people who came are teenagers. I felt like I am the oldest person who came to this event (you know when you are 20 something).




This is the booth where people can buy the book. If you already have a book and you bought it from National Bookstore, you do not need to buy again, you simply need to go to the registration booth. If your book was purchased in another bookstore, you will not be allowed to get inside since this event is exclusive for National Bookstore customers.



This is the Registration booth with a smiling attendant.  You will be given a priority number and wait inside the activity center for your number to be called.



That is Keira Cass, giving a talk. The man wearing a blue checkered polo is her husband, Callaway Cass. He is a very supportive husband (well, it shows!) and stayed by her side the whole time. That’s too sweet for me. Lucky for Keira, her happy ever after has already started.





Sneaky me. Keira while signing a book for her fan.



That’s Alemar. I met her during the event because we are seated beside each other.


This is funny. Alemar even asked Keira to do goofy poses. She’s too cool for all fan requests.


Well, I think it’s not just Keira who’s getting even more popular. Her fans are also asking for a photo of her husband, Callaway. They are too kilig if Callaway honors their request. After the shot, girls will be giggling at the corner. It makes me laugh though, I can’t help but reminisce my teenage years (not that I am too old now. Lol).



I was able to get on the stage at around 6:30PM. That was a 2 hours and a half wait, but I know that this is worth the wait. There are only few people now.




When Keira saw me, what she said was “Wow! You are sooo cute!” (with all enthusiasm). Maybe she thinks I am one of the cute teenagers too. Haha. Not bad. She told me how she loved Philippines because people are very hospitable. All I could say was “really?” and she was like, “Yes, it’s true! Filipino people are now branded as the most hospitable people”. Well, I couldn’t agree more. It is indeed true. How stupid of me to say really. I was just star struck; I think I swallowed my tongue.



This is my signed The Selection book by Keira Cass. I am so happy!

To know more about Keira Cass, please visit her site