Korean Beauty Products Review

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Ever since I started religiously following the 10 Step Korean Beauty Routine, I started using Korean beauty products too. FYI, everyone, it is not necessary to buy Korean beauty products when you are following the steps, pick the products that work for you, follow the 10 Step Korean Beauty Routine and you will be fine. Stick to your favorite moisturizer regardless if it is not a Korean brand then add some products that will supplement your current routine. The reason why this is popular right now is because of the glassy dewy effect it gives to your skin. I will be blogging separately about the products that I am currently using in my 10 Steps Routine based on my skin type.

For someone with Asian Skin, Asian beauty products work well with me. So today, I am going to review my Korean beauty products haul. This is not a sponsored post, I paid for all the products that I am going to review, but I want to share what I think about each one of them for everyone who is considering on starting the routine and want to see some reference.

1. INNISFREE Jeju Lava Seawater Deep Essence

This is the first essence that I tried while exploring potential Korean products. Innisfree is a good brand to start because it is not very expensive but their products are of high quality. It was recommended to me by the Sales Lady in Duty-Free Korea because I have combination skin.

First, I love the scent. It is subtle and relaxing. Second, the texture is light. I remembered during Summer, I could go on with just essence since using moisturizer is too thick for me. However, come Autumn and Winter time essence can no longer provide the moisture that I need so I have to use a moisturizer with it already. It actually works and blends well with other moisturizer brands.

2. INNISFREE My Real Squeeze Mask in Green Tea

When using face mask I gravitate towards Innisfree and Tony Moly. Their pricing is reasonable and still delivers what it promises. Research showed that green tea has a great effect in terms of moisturizing and reducing acne scars, so I got my self 1 box of Innisfree Mask in Green Tea.

The mask is soaked in slimy liquid, which is good because I want my skin to take in all moisture it can give. Best to put it in the fridge for 5 minutes before using for a nice de-puffing effect then put it on for 30 minutes while reading or watching TV. There will be fluid residue after removing the mask but I use it to massage my face. As for the remaining liquid in the pack, I apply it on my neck or arm or any part go my body that is dry.

The mask will give you a nice dewy look right after masking but the best effect is noticeable the day after because it will give you some glassy dewy skin look.

3. SKINFOOD Yuja Water Whitening Ampoule in Serum

This is by far my most recommended and favorite serum of all time. I do get acne scars because of breakouts when season change and this serum helped me slowly erase my acne scars and prevent further breakouts.

The scent is good, it has a sweet citrusy smell. It is light on the skin and fast absorbing. It comes with a dropper so I use it in my forehead, left cheek, right cheek, nose, and chin then I blend it well while massaging my face. That’s a total of 5 drops and that works for me. You can add more if you think it is not enough or less if you think it is a bit tacky.

I love this serum and I just can’t imagine for it not to be part of my routine.

4. SKINFOOD Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Toner
I got all these as a free sample when I bought my Yuja Water Serum. The toner is in the form of cream but watery kind of cream. It is absorbed well by the skin and automatically replaces the lost moisture during cleansing.
5. SKINFOOD Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Emulsion
This emulsion smells so good. I used it after applying the Propolis Enrich Toner. It is hydrating and moisturizing. A really good substitute for Essence since it has the same consistency.
6. SKINFOOD Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Cream
If you are looking for a cream ideal for Winter, I will recommend this cream. It is thick and could last the whole day without reapplying or misting. I have not tried this with other product combination, but when I used this Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Set (Toner, Emulsion, and Cream), it definitely gave me the best moisture in this harsh Canadian weather.
6. BANILA CO Dear Hydration Boosting Cream

I am in love with this cream. It is giving me the best moisture and hydration now that it is winter time. It is thick but doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. The moment I applied it, it felt cold since it is water based and it has some soothing effect. This one is the equivalent of the Aqua Bomb of Belif but difficult to find in Canadian stores because it gets sold out easily. This is one of my most recommended moisturizing creams.

7. BANILA CO Hi Bye Vita-Peel Clear Pad

I got these clear pads as a free sample when I bought my Banila Co Dear Hydration Cream. It doesn’t have an English instruction on how to use but based on what I researched online, this works just like a toner. So after cleansing, I used this individually packed pad soaked with a solution and applied it directly on my face. I actually love the feeling it gives me. It’s very soothing. The pad is soaked well that it can over your entire face and neck, it gave me the best dewy look after.

8. NATURE REPUBLIC Snail Solution Eye Cream
Eye cream I would say is one of the most important product in the routine, because without knowing, our eye area easily gets dry since the skin in that area is very thin. If we keep it like that for a long time, fine lines and wrinkles will start appearing before we even reach the age of 25. Mind you guys, wrinkles are irreversible signs of aging. You can prevent it from coming but you cannot remove it once it already appeared even if you use the most expensive eye cream. Keeping your eye area moisturized is the best way to prevent the early appearance of wrinkles.

This eye cream is the best one that I’ve tried because it is not thick but will leave your eye area highly moisturized.
9. NATURE REPUBLIC Snail Solution Mask Sheet
Isn’t it crazy that snail slime or mucin have made it to the Korean beauty scene? Well not, if you are aware of the beauty benefit it gives you. Research showed that snail mucin has glycoproteins, hyaluronic acid, and glycolic acid which have long been proven as an effective anti-aging ingredient. Beauty experts claim that snail mucin seals in moisture and allows active ingredients to penetrate the skin very well, hence, leaving our skin looking extra supple and glowy. Guess what? That is exactly the effect this sheet mask gave me.

If you are thinking of starting the routine, please do. The earlier the better. I promise you will not regret it.

That’s it for my Korean beauty product haul review. I will be reviewing more beauty products soon so stay tuned!