Kung Hei Fat Choi

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Outfit Details:

Dress: Basaar
Bag: Nima
Shoes: So Fab!
Ring: Franck Herval


It’s time for my annual Chinese New Year fashion post and just like the previous year, we went to Taoist Temple to shoot my Chinese outfit. This is now becoming a tradition with the same guy taking my pictures. Since I started dating Stan, I decided to be in touch with his ancestry so even if it is just once a year, atleast we are making an effort in going to temple to pray and take pictures.


This year I am wearing a floral Cheongsam dress with Mandarin collar in gold and nude combination. I love this dress so much because it’s really simple and it doesn’t look too Chinese. Atleast I don’t look too trying hard. I also chose cotton instead of the traditional silk.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my ever supportive and loving boyfriend because when we were shooting for this outfit, all my shots are exposed. And honestly, not getting the perfect shot you wanted is a bit frustrating specially if you are ready with your outfit, make up and stuff. Outdoor photoshoot is not a joke because it’s really hot outside and I am wearing this closed neck outfit which made it even hotter. But the best boyfriend in the world decided to play with my camera setting by doing manual shoot with less exposure. For a guy who is not photography inclined to do this is really flaterring. I know if it weren’t for me he would not make an effort in learning shooting technicalities and looking for my best angle. I don’t know what have I done in the past for me to deserve such a amazing man in my life. It sounds cheesy, but really, of all the heartaches and pain I’ve experienced in the past, god finally had mercy on me and gave me a good guy who would only make me cry because of joy and not because of pain.


Too mushy for Chinese New Year right? But anyways, thanks for dropping by lovies!


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