KUSH High Volume Mascara by Milk Makeup Review

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I have never heard of Milk Makeup before until Influenster sent me a Voxbox to prove that yes, this brand exist. I blame it on being more of a skin care person than a makeup person. Don’t get me wrong, I am complete with all makeup products from primer, foundation, highlighter to lipstick, lip gloss, lip liners, and a lot more. I’ve mastered the art of Day and Night makeup look, but I’ve never been curious of trying out different brands. If a particular brand work for me, I will stick to that until I discover something else that is superior in quality and gives me the most advantage.


Today, I will give my honest review of what I think about Milk Makeup’s Kush High Volume Mascara.

Description: Conditioning hemp-derived, CBD-infused cannabis oil fuses heart-shaped fibers to lashes for thickness without the fallout. The hydrating formula also fills the hollow fibers for a double dose of volume. Unique hollow heart-shaped fibers lock onto lashes in each direction adding width and length for long-lasting volume and curl. Tapered, tree-shaped brush with criss-cross bristles coats and lifts every single lash from root to tip for a defined, clump-free effect. Layer on for added intensity without globs.

Verdict: Let’s talk about the packaging first, because this is what I liked best about this product. Mascara’s are mostly stored in black container in different shape and style just to entice buyer of how attractive the product looks. But, Kush mascara is stored in silver steel metal case, a bit heavy and screams quality! Its simplicity made it look very chic and sophisticated.

I have read the ingredients list and I was impressed of how ingredient conscious it is. On top of that, it is also vegan, talc-free, and cruelty-free. Mother nature and people from PETA are clapping right now. The mascara’s main ingredient by the way, is cannabis oil. I have never heard of cannabis oil being used in makeup products and to be honest, it intimidated me at first. I was never a supporter of marijuana legalization in Canada and to receive a product that promotes the use of it gives sour taste to my mouth. But, but, but… there is actually a huge difference in smoking it and applying it on your lashes.

I have been using this mascara for 3 weeks now and to be honest, it made my lashes healthier and stronger. After each application my lashes become fuller and longer. I went to work the first time I used it and my colleague asked me if I put on false eyelashes, I was so surprised! No one really notice how nicely I put my makeup or point out something about the makeup that I use until that day. I have been using this mascara everyday since then and I love it. The only problem I have is, it make my lashes clamp if I apply more than 2 strokes, but it is not a big deal for me. I highly recommend this product to everyone looking for a good quality mascara.


This is my before and after photo of my mascara application.


Where to buy: KUSH High Volume Mascara is available in all Sephora branches. You can also shop online through Milk Makeup website.


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. Opinion is 100% mine.