La Vie Parisienne Grand Opening in Ayala Center Cebu

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Have you already visited the La Vie Parisienne in Lahug? I’d say you’ve been hiding in a cave if you have not. Le Petit France (the little France) opened another branch for wine dining experience in Ayala Center Cebu where hundreds of people visit for shopping and dining experience. Bringing La Vie Parisinne in Ayala where market is big and place is good to venture into something not common in a certain area is really a huge step. Was it a risk opening another branch when you’ve already created a mini French world that brings people the one of a kind Parisian experience in Lahug? Yes, of course! I myself have been imagining a grandiosity of a colorful pink cherry blossom tree or Moroccan dooms inspired ambiance, but when I saw the place, it did not even exceeded half of my expectation of the place that I considered magically luxurious.


I was once again invited for the Grand opening of the second branch of La Vie Parisienne. The place is located at the third level, new wing of Ayala Center in between JB Music ad Healthy Options. Just like the first branch, they have all variety of French bread, Deli, cheese and wines. But just a heads up, they do not have a wine cellar as big as the wine cellar in Lahug.


The place may be small but it did not lack the splendid ambiance that the first branch has. The interior is not the common interior that you see on places such as coffee shops and patisseries. La Vie Parisienne will always take you away from the Philippines and will allow you to take a glimpse of the place you can only see in your dreams.



It’s time to have a look at what they have. French Boulangerie (bakeshop) will not be complete without macaroons. I’ve tasted all types of macaroons from all other patisseries and I was able to distinguish the difference of those macaroons from what they are offering in La Vie Parisienne. I do not intend to stereotype but La Vie Parisienne has French bakers that know what real macaroons taste like. I am amazed that there is a balance of flavour and sweetness that will make you ask for more, next thing you know? You already felt robbed. “Too small and too pricey?” that’s what people will commonly say, and this is what I will say “have a taste and you will know the answer”.


04All types of cheese.



And all types of Deli’s.



Mini cakes and tarts.


07 08

Breads! My most favorite is the croissant



Wines. They do not have a lot here, but they have the best sellers.



The place has eight tables and can approximately hold 30-35 people at a time.


11 12

Food samples.



Among the guests are Madame Amparito Lhuillier, Rosebud Sala and friends.



The men behind La Vie Parissiene success, the owner Michel Lhuillier and the manager Louis Thevenin.



The power couple and other guests.



The party was full packed for the small place, but I would still say that they made a wise decision of opening a branch in Ayala Center Cebu since not everyone has the time and the opportunity to visit La Vie Parisienne in Lahug. Some people would also love to sip some wine after a long day of shopping.  The place may not be alike as the first branch but all products are the same.


Congratulations La Vie Parisienne!