Lady In Red

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Outfit Details:

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Fioni Midnight by Payless
Ring: Call It Spring
Choker: Hug Luca


This blog title is very much overused, but I bet you would not object if I use it too since I am absolutely a Lady in Red today. This dress plunging neckline and black choker look good together. I’ve never been this bold so I added a hint of sweetness because I am just not very effective when it comes to total sexiness. I paired it with a T-strap high heels to complete this dinner date ensemble.


I always have a story to share and this time with my choker. I bought a black choker back in HK, but I lost it. The last time that I remembered wearing that choker was last election and after that I no longer have a memory where I left it. I spent the next 3 days looking for it to no avail and it’s too frustrating because that would mean I’ll be out looking for another choker. And what hurts me is the memory of that choker, I bought it as a remembrance from my travel in Hong Kong.


One of my housemates went to China for a vacation and to my surprise, her “pasalubong” for me is the black choker that I am wearing today. I was so delighted, I can’t explain my happiness I want to hug everyone. I may have lost a choker from HK but I got a replacement from China with a sentimental value from my friend Shy. Totally love it!



Now, meet my date that night, my awkward boyfriend flashing his awkward smile celebrating our anniversary dinner at Anzani Restaurant.