Live while we’re young!

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Outfit details:

Dress: Belle Jean Clothing

Cardigan: Topshop

Stockings: City Lady

Shoes: So Fab!

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

Photos by: Joann Carlon

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The outfit that I am hyping today makes me feel so young. I guess it is just appropriate for me to wear something that suits my age. Though I am into clothes that would make me look mature, I have also tried experimenting on putting pieces together that would make me look youthful and mature with a touch of feminine class.

This dress looks too short for me. I mean if I will just stand, it just looks fine but not when I bend over. What I did is to pair it with a black stocking to create an illusion that I have something that could cover a possible exposure of areas I wish to be hidden.  I had an idea of pairing it with black leggings, but I somehow find stocking to be more sexy because of the thin clothing. A little skin exposure would just be fine since we don’t want to be all out conservative with this fashion right? Black pumps added an attitude to this outfit. Surely it made me look even sexier. Pumps are sexy, but it I will be honest that pumps makes me walk uncomfortably as I am used to wearing wedges. I am now practicing with pumps and I am getting good at it.  The cardigan even made this outfit looks very lovely and cute. And accessories from Beads and Pearls definitely completed this look.