L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening Collection Launch

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I was one of the happy bloggers that was invited for this high end beauty product event for L’Occitane En Provence. They are now launching their new product Immortelle. Just a few highlight of what the product is all about; Immortelle is a flower grown in the Island of Corsica in France, it is called everlasting flower because it never fades even after it was picked. It was discovered that it has an anti aging property that will keep every woman’s skin youthful and radiant. For over 10 year of experiment with the potential of the immortelle flower, L’Occitane was able to determine the exceptional power of this plant in beauty and anti-ageing.



Being the early bird, I was the first one to arrive and signed the guest list. The event was held inside Rustan’s Ayala Center Cebu.


DSC_0049These are your Immortelle products. Left to right: Immortelle Milk Makeup Remover, Brightening Water (alcohol free toner), Eye Care and Mask Duo Brightening Correction, Brightening Moisture Mask, Brightening Instant Exfoliator, Brightening Essence, Brightening Shield SPF40, Brightening Foaming Cleanser, Brightening Touch Targeted Corrector, Brightening Hand Care and Brightening Mist.



Tables are properly arranged and ready with face mirror, face towel, water spray, tissue, cotton buds and facial pads.




Waiting allowed me my cam-whoring moments.



I really like their L’Occitane mirror. I dared to ask them if I can take it home, too bad I can’t since it was not part of the give aways. But I was cool with it since I had free products samples to try.



I did not intentionally wear dark blue and white combination for this event, but looks like I do belong here.



Sweets for the guests!




Before the event started they had a game wherein we will need to determine the scent of the Immortelle flower and if we guessed it right, we will have a gift from L’Occitane.




The first volunteer was not able to guess the right scent so I volunteered to be the next game contestant.




I was not really aware of what Immortelle smells like. What I was thinking was that beauty products do not smell as sweet as lotions though they smell really nice too. What I chose in the end is the least fragrant of the 3 and I guessed it right!



I felt like I won a lottery when I received my price from L’occitane. I was so happy and overwhelmed and open to see a tote bag and L’Occitane soap inside.




L’Occitane resident Education Manager, Anna Grape discussed what the product is all about, where it came from, its active property and the effectivity of the product to any skin type. Daryl, the person on the left is also demonstrating the proper ways to apply the product while we on our seat are doing the same thing as what Daryl was doing.




I had the chance to have a picture with the other participants on the same table.



The event participants.



I had a great time during the event; I’ve learned a lot of things though I am not really a big fan of beauty products, at least now I am enlightened to take care of my skin while I am young to prevent early signs of aging. I went home with free samples to try. I am so excited to use it at home and see the effects of the product on my skin.




Before I end this blog, let me show you the price I won during the game. I bought home L’Occitane soap. As I have read the label, if you will buy this plane shaped soap, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Orbis Plane. This is a world-renowned Flying Eye Hospital that travels all around the world to give the gift of sight to thousands of people. On board the Orbis Plane are the dedicated eye care professional. It is also equipped with operating rooms to facilitate patients with eye problems.




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