Lovely Rose

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Outfit Details:


Dress: Belle Jean Clothing

Shoes: Zanea

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

Photos by: Joann Carlon


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The weather is just so tropical. It is not too hot like the usual Philippine weather. If it is like this, I want to dress floral because I look like a flower that just recently bloomed. Am I really a late bloomer? I guess so. Or maybe I am just like a snail that is too shy to come out of its shell before. I am not shy anymore. I am not scared to face and to talk to people, well, maybe a have a fear of public speaking and that’s just it. My life right now has never been this challenging. I am not afraid to try new things anymore. I do what I love to do, and I am so proud of the will power that I currently have. Maybe this is what you call confidence.


Confidence makes you look lovely. Dressing lovely makes you look like a rose. I am a rose and I do not have thorns. I won’t make you bleed. Lol. I am so philosophical. I love philosophy because of its reasoning. That is how I come up with the title Lovely Rose. This outfit is simply a product of pure imagination and being a fashion savvy. This floral dress is a flowy loose dress. I added white belt to accentuate with it and for my curve to be emphasized. White and pink is just a lovely combination, it bring out sexy femininity. How about try to have this in your wardrobe too?