Ma Vie en Rose

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Outfit Details:


Dress: Aardo Fashion

Bag: July

Shoes: Gibi

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

Photos by: Joel Ruales


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I am so in love!! I am in love with life. I love how my fate twisted. I am a perfect picture of a happy and contented woman.  If I am going to become a writer, I will write my own story. At a young age I’ve struggled with so much insecurities and unhappiness. I felt like I am not good enough with anything, that whatever I do, I am bound to fail. That no one can appreciate me because I am just nobody. How many girls have suffered insecurity? I guess we all did, but I’ve suffered for it for years. For months of soul-searching I unleashed all insecurities, I let it all go. I learned to love what I have. That I do not need to have a white skin to be called pretty, that I do not need to be tall to be called stunning and that I do not need to be voluptuous to be called sexy. It takes a lot of effort in loving yourself by how god created you. I stopped using whitening soap and lotion and all other beauty regimens that can only give you such beauty momentarily. I went for moisturizers to hydrate my skin, water, proper diet and exercise. I kept on doing that, like a routine, then suddenly, I felt good and comfortable with my own skin. I’ve realized that there is nothing wrong with me. That if there is something wrong, that is because of what I think. It is my advocacy to raise awareness on natural beauty, for girls to think that we are all made beautiful by god. There is no single person with the same face because god took the time to create us uniquely.


Ma Vie is Rose is a French word that means My Life in Pink. This color symbolizes femininity, women, and even breast cancer. This blog is a tribute to raise breast cancer awareness. There have been campaigns to raise awareness with this disease. I was supposed to join the pink run, but I was not able to register since I am too reluctant because, I did not prepare for the run. This awareness does not only focus on the disease but to the signs and preventions as well.


My dress shows how light and happy I am. This is one of my fabulous dresses. It is so feminine and so delicate. The details are perfect, from silhouette to the ribbon to the ruffled shoulder. Pairing this dress with red belt and bag only added sophistication and class. Pink and red is not a bad combination, they even complement each other. These are the colors that I love combining.