Malaysia: Where to go in Putrajaya

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After 2 days of exploring Kuala Lumpur, we decided to go out of the city and visit Putrajaya, the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. Putrajaya is the Washington DC of Malaysia, it is where all important government affairs are happening. Kuala Lumpur remained as Malaysia’s national capital and where the King resides, but the rest was already moved to Putrajaya.

My travel game has changed since I became aware of different cultures and practices. I am no longer confined in my comfort zone and to be honest, it is where I found the thrill when I travel. When I decided to book a flight to Malaysia, without a doubt Putrajaya was included in the itinerary.

I booked a private tour through Asia Travel to get a glimpse of the beautiful Putrajaya. It is located 25 km away from Kuala Lumpur and the travel time is 50 minutes which is exhausting, but I was amazed of how beautiful everything seemed to be. Putrajaya is called the Garden City, it is the biggest project of the Malaysian Government that started on 1995. By 2012 almost all of Malaysia’s government ministries had relocated to Putrajaya. As a modern city it has the latest communication technologies and progressive infrastructure. The streets are elegantly designed with touch of European architecture and Islamic arts. Religious population in Putrajaya are 98% Muslim and the remaining 2% are Buddhist, Hindu and Christian.

Listed below the places you must visit when you got to Putrajaya!


1. Putra Mosque


This is the prettiest mosque I have ever seen! What a glorious sight to behold. This Islamic-architecture is called The Pink Mosque because it is made of rose-tinted granite which gives its pink hue. This is the second oldest mosque in Malaysia and a very popular tourist destination in Putrajaya. The mosque complex can accommodate up to 10,000 worshippers and 5,000 in the courtyard.

We were asked to wear this robe before we entered the mosque. I love that the color of the robe matches the mosque. So fab!


2. Perdana Putra

The most important government building in Putrajaya! This six-storey stone clad office complex comprises the Prime Minister’s Office, the offices of the deputy Prime Minister and Chief Secretary to the Government. Tourist can take a tour inside the building, but appropriate attire must be observed and cameras are not allowed.


3. Dataran Putra

Dataran Putra or Putra Square in English is bounded by Perdana Putra, Putra Mosque and Putra Bridge. There is a garden with beautiful flower beds and trees and poles with different flags that adorn the Putra Perdana Park. This is where I had one of my fashion shoot, you can check it out here.


4. Istana Kehakiman

Commonly called the Palace of Justice, this houses the Malaysian Court of Appeal and Federal Court. The palace design incorporates influences of Classical Islamic culture and Western Classical influence.


5. Seri Wawasan Bridge

On our way to Perdana Putra, we passed by Seri Wawasan Bridge and it was where I got the best view of the Putra Mosque. This bridge has a unique asymmetric cable-stayed design and a sailing ship appearance.


6. Seri Gemilang Bridge

A pretty and classic bridge painted in gold and black with beautiful and enormous flower pots. I was surprised that the sidewalk has a red carpet. Looks like I don’t need to be in Hollywood to walk in one.


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