Maxi Dress Game

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Sharing with you my outfit on our first day in Bali. My maxi skirt and dress game has become stronger lately. I find this staple very flattering for my body type and in all ways comfortable. I feel good when I’m wearing maxi skirt and dresses because it’s feminine, beautiful and doesn’t go out of style. This is the dress for all occasion; from park and beaches to concert and parties, it is my go to outfit.

Maxi dress might be a wardrobe must have for all women, but be careful in choosing the shape and design. A famous model once said, “Wear the dress, don’t let the dress wear you.” I keep this in mind every time I buy dresses. Not all trends are suitable for all body types so I make sure that I look flattering in the dress that I wear. I picked a black and royal blue maxi dress for this nature fun tour in Bali (which will be blogged separately). I like that the top part of this dress is cotton and the skirt is sheer with silk and polyester lining, because it’s very comfortable.

Outfit Details:
Belle Jean Clothing
Forever 21
Michael Kors
Emma and Chloe