Memory Lane, Tagaytay

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Memory Lane restaurant is owned by Jolina Magdangal. I remembered way back years ago, this restaurant was featured in Yes Magazine and photos showed how beautiful this place was. I forgot that this place was in Tagaytay, so when I saw it as we passed by, I said to my boyfriend that we should dine there because I want to look at the place and have my fashion shoot there. I am just happy that I have a supportive BF who understand my wishes. Lol.

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Wearing my black mullet skirt dress for this place is just perfect. I love this dress because it has long trail and looks really great when I’m walking. I don’t want to be in all black so I chose red accessories for perfect blend. Channelling modern Holly Golighty is my goal and instead of wearing pearls, I used red metallic accessories instead.

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Below are my food snaps and Memory Lane trinkets that I find really cute.IMG_20150716_155233_HDR IMG_20150716_155726_HDR IMG_20150716_161201_HDR IMG_20150716_162046_HDR IMG_20150716_162016_HDR IMG_20150716_162104_HDR IMG_20150716_162139_HDR IMG_20150716_163014_HDR IMG_20150716_163030_HDR IMG_20150716_163113_HDR IMG_20150716_163320_HDR


Outfit Details:

Dress: H&M
Sunnies: Rubi by Cotton On
Shoes: So Fab!
Necklace: Nima
Other Acessories: Beads and Pearls