My Birthday with Schreyvogel Family

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Amy is my best-friend since college. We have done a lot of things together; including weekend night outs, travel to Davao to see her family, birthday parties, sharing apartment, borrowing dresses and a whole lot more. I’ve known her inside and out just like how she knows me.


Her life changed when she got married last year to her loving husband Bastian Schereyvogel and gave birth to their adorable little tot Jonas Schreyvogel. They came to Philippines for a vacation and that was the first time I saw their baby.


Our meeting fall on the date of my birthday. Isn’t it so great to be celebrating your birthday with your best-friend and her beautiful family? We went to Sumosam, a Japanese restaurant in Ayala Center. I remembered how I and Amy love to go on food trips before; we have tried cuisines from Thai to Korean to Japanese. I miss those days, but I miss her more than those food trips. Her life changed a lot from the last time I saw her. She is no longer the young and carefree Amy who loves to go to party every weekend. She is now a very hand’s on mommy and a dedicated wife. It is so great to see such transformation.


I was about to take food shots since I also love food blogging, but I was too busy playing with Jonas, I was only able to take  3 photos.


That is my thirst quenching Red Iced tea and Amy’s mango shake.


Salmon Sashimi is Amy’s favorite for all sushi’s, while mine is California Maki.


Going healthy with this salad and soup.

The lovely family has always been picture perfect.


Here goes Mommy Amy kangaroo. Jonas loves to be carried like this.


Babies smile is always the priceless. Jonas is an easy kid, he loves people and doesn’t cry if he sees new people. He only cries if he is hungry, sleepy and if his diaper is full.


I wish I will have a baby like this. I mean as cute and sweet as Jonas. I will surely miss this moment. I will miss my best-friend. I don’t know when we are going to see each other again, but I am the happiest when I see her, specially now that she have a little angel that I also love.


The day will not end without my fashion shots. Outdoor shots are always my favorite. I love to be by the nature. It makes me appreciate things that was first created, and that also people take for granted.

DSC_0594 DSC_0640 DSC_0654

I love my outfit because it’s very comfortable. My flats have always been my favorite. Nothing beats comfortable walking in the park with a nice pair of shoes.  I also do have lazy days when I ditch all my high heels and choose the most comfortable pair of flats I can find.

DSC_0656 DSC_0658 DSC_0672

What a wonderful birthday celebration it is. Aging is inevitable, but it makes me want to thank god that I reached this age with so much happiness and life contentment.

Outfit details:

Top and Skirt: Belle Jean Clothing

Flats: Parisian

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

Photos by: Aisa Mangompit and me

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