My Dream Carousel Ride

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Outfit Details:

Top: Penguin
Jeans: Save the Date
Shoes: Parisian
Sunnies: Ray-Ban
Necklace: Swarovski
Other Accessories: Beads and Pearls

I am a girl full of dreams, and I think I have just made one of my dreams come true. That is to ride a carousel! Yeah, I am still one of those people who gets happy with small things like this. Ever since I was young, I’ve always dreamt of this ride. Living in province did not allow me the luxury of going to amusement parks because, there is no amusement park in Leyte. There are what we call “perya” but the carousel rides that they have are really old, rusty and dirty. It is a good thing that when we went to Campuestohan Highland Resort in Bacolod, I got the chance to ride a very new carousel! I was really excited, I didn’t know that I will reach this age before I will have the opportunity ride a carousel. I mean it’s like every girls dream! Or maybe not? Lol.


Living in a not so privilege life taught me to appreciate small things; may it be simple presents like earrings, pen, or key chain, I am already really happy. It is the same with going to amusement parks for a carousel ride. Even travelling in a really tight budget with no luxury of sleeping in a good hotel is also fine with me. I guess what interests me about traveling is the opportunity to explore a new place and experience the culture. Sometimes I am asking questions like; What would make a rich person happy if he or she is already getting what he or she wanted? Are they happy with small presents that they get from people?. These questions occurred to me because this is my problem when I need to give a present to a well-off person, like the person who gets everything that he or she wanted. I remembered last Christmas when we went to Rustan’s Department store, the gift wrapping area is very busy wrapping gift sets from L’Occitane and other big skin care product brands that to my surprise costs P4,000 and up each set. I mean, really? Is that even possible? People would splurge on these type presents to give to people? So the boyfriend intervened that yes it is indeed possible because there are really rich people, like supper rich it is like buying one doughnut for an ordinary people. I am not that ignorant when it comes to what rich people can afford, but what is weird to me is buying like 20 pieces of the P4,000 worth gift set for Christmas present. But I am still happy to see that they are sharing their blessings. So much for this random thoughts of mine, I know I have the tendency to go beyond my topic but I am happy to share this thought as well.


Hope you enjoyed this blog! Keep on chasing after your dreams and don’t give up even your childhood dreams as well.