Not a busy day

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Outfit Details:


Top: Sundance

Pants: BNY

Shoes: Parisian

Sunnies: Ray-Ban aviators

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

Photos by: Joann Carlon


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When we shoot this photo, yes, I was not that busy. I still had time to chill with my dear friend and photographer Joann. To unwind and relax with a lot of catching up to do. Nowaday, my schedule is jam-packed with work and studies at the same time and an upcoming exam. The every other day blogging becomes every three days and now a day delayed. Well, enough for my hectic schedule because I also have a lot of things to say about my laid back outfit.


This outfit is one of my usual get up when going out with friends for a usual coffee or tea time. I enjoy this moments more than drinking booze or late night partying. We do have different ways of enjoying ourselves with friends and sad to say, I enjoy being more intimate. To talk, laugh, share opinions, reminiscing old days suits me better. I am such a boring person I guess. But I do talk a lot, and my brain has a lot of thing going on that I need to say.


Just like how intimate I am as a person, so is my outfit. This is the most comfortable outfit I could find in my closet. A white jean is something that I always have because it adds femininity and sophistication for my usual outfit. A black polo top to be pair with white jeans becomes formal attire. We can always see a difference when pairing a top with usual blue denim and with a white one. The blue can be used as an everyday ragged wear. It will never make your outfit a formal one, but it always does with white. So let’s try to have white jeans kept in our closet. It may not be used as an everyday wear, but trust me; it will save you from days when you will need a formal outfit to wear.