Once upon a dream

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Outfit Details:


Dress: Belle Jean Clothing

Shoes: So Fab!

Necklace: Forever 21

Other Accessories: Beads and Pearls


Have you ever wondered what would become of you when you grow old? Or have you ever imagined what you will be now? In my case I did. There are things that happened because I wanted them to happen and there are things, by circumstance would not permit to happen. I was born with an eye for fashion. When I was younger I would rummage my mom’s closet to see clothes that she kept, wear her high heels and play with her make-up. This is the exact same thing that I do with my Aunt’s closet that would make her so annoyed. I guess I was really annoying when I was young because I am curious most of the time. There are moments when I wanted to grow up fast because I want to wear what they wear, I want to buy make up and shop until I drop. My life was not just toys and play; I was also playing the game of being adult.


I dreamt of becoming a stylish person, to wear all the dresses that I love and to walk with it in confidence. I happen to have that dream come true when I decided to become a fashion blogger. I have a lot of fashion icons that look up to; there are Hollywood stars, local stars and even ordinary people. Just like everyone else, I enjoy stalking other people’s wall in Facebook and Instagram, because I love their style, I love what they do with their lives, I like what they eat, I want to go where they go and I want to have what they have. Girls deny that, they don’t want to admit that they are stalkers because they don’t want the other person to feel that there is something about them that makes us really curious. We are all dreaming of a perfect life, of doing things that the person with the perfect life do. We stalk them because we want to be just like them. We follow them on their social networking sites to be updated of their shenanigans. That’s what fanatics do and that’s what I also do. For me, I use it for a greater purpose, which is for me to have an idea of what to blog next time and to realize that there is really nothing wrong paring blue and orange. Dream big.. look at your dream.. and follow your dream.