Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!

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Outfit Details:

Dress: Belle Jean Clothing

Shoes: Zanea

Belt and Accessories: Beads and Pearls

Photos by: Joann Carlon

Since the start of this year, I have been buying floral printed dresses, pants and skirts. It became very trendy, and the femininity gives a great appeal for all women. I despise flowers. I do not want anyone to give me real flowers. I only want flowers for my dress, wallpaper, and all other stuff. Every time I am in a relationship with someone, I always tell him from the start not to give me flowers, because I just find it a waste. A flower for me is not a symbol of love because after a few days, it will eventually die and ended up being trashed. There is only one person who dared to give me flowers (a bouquet to be exact). I was overwhelmed for the first time, not for the flowers, but for the courage. It was nice, but the flowers died, just like how our relationship died. But anyways, I will not be mentioning failed relationship here, so there goes my story for real flowers.

I love the print of this dress. The color of the flowers on the dress looks like flowers from spring that just bloomed. Wearing a floral printed dress will make you look youthful and blooming. It is like an eye candy, a therapy for the eye because it looks very pleasing. Every time I feel sad I blue, I always wear floral printed dresses, or anything pink, and magically, I stopped worrying. It can absolutely uplift my spirit and enhance my mood. You can try it and see if it works for you too.

 There is no age limit on wearing floral printed clothing; older people can absolutely try this, since it can deceive someone’s age. I have been recommending this to my mother, and gladly she has been taking my advises seriously. She is now into pink and light colored clothing.