Pink Pastel

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Outfit Details:

Dress: Cinderella

Bag: CMG

Shoes: Zanea

Earrings:  Accessorize (courtesy of Sophie)

Other accessories: Beads and Pearls

Photos by: Crisly Belle Jaictin and Cary Michael Guimary

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I love the color pink. When I was young, it is my only favorite color that most of my things are pink, such as clothes, bag, shoes, wallpaper, umbrella, etc. I mean it is almost everything in pink. When I got older, my preference changed. I am now into black, white, cream and light brown, but if I see something in pink, it easily catches my attention. I somehow feel that the color pink is embedded in my mind as a color that suits me most. Just like when I saw this dress. I definitely love the color, no question for that, but the fact that the cloth is made up of lace made me even more excited to buy the dress. Everything in this dress is just too lovely for me. Good thing my everyday bag comes with the same color and I have nice accessories to pair it with.

Does the place where we shoot these photos looks to lovely for you? Well, I have a follow up blog for that. Stay tuned!