Pink to Perfection

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Outfit Details:

Dress: Vintage
Bag: Nima
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Earrings and Bracelet: Parfois
Ring: Call it Spring


The dress that I wore today was the same dress that I wore on my high school best-friends wedding. Their motif was fuchsia pink and aqua blue, so I choose fuchsia pink since all shades of pink are my favorite color.I chose this ruffled one-shouldered style dress because it looks classic and elegant and it’s been all over the red carpet. And once again I accessorized with gold because I will be attending a wedding and I want to look extra sophisticated.


Attending this wedding was something I have been looking forward for so long. I am now on my mid-20’s, the age wherein most of your friends are already getting married and becoming mothers. Lynnie is my high school best-friend, we are totally inseparable at that time. Though a lot of things has changed after we graduated high school, I still consider her as one of the best people I know. Back in high school we shared a lot of secrets including love, crushes, and who would walk down the isle first. I thought it would be me because I have this feeling that I would become a young wife and mother, that I would bear children before I reach 30 because I want have this “barkada” bond with my kids. When you are on your teens you thought life is easy after school and that everything will fall into pieces. I also thought that when I reach past 20 I would be stable.


Getting married requires readiness; physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am on the stage that I am not ready for any of it yet. Yes, I am now on my mid-20’s but marriage doesn’t give me pressure. I know I will not be able to have that certain bond that I would have wanted if I bear children early, but at least I could give my children security and I will be able to provide for their needs when time comes. I know my friend Lynnie has been preparing for this. She is someone who will not get into something she hasn’t prepared for. I am hands down for this commitment that I see in her because this only proves how matured she had become in taking the path of marriage and building a family. You are one great woman and I salute you for that. Words can’t express how I adore and love you as a friend. We may not be in touch all the time but I have loved you just the same. Here’s a selfie to celebrate this friendship.