Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, Mactan Cebu

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Summer is always the best time to go to the beach. The weather is just too hot that all you wanted to do is to relax and swim.  This season is also the best time for group outing that is why our team at work decided to have Team Building at Plantation Bay.


Check out my Plantation Bay photo blog below:



This is their not so grand entrance. The lobby is kinda dark and furniture’s are antique, but wait and see until you see the main beach. I guess entrance do not matter anymore if that is the case. But being the person who always loves a nice interior would notice everything from top to bottom. I would suggest for Plantation Bay to have a major make over on their lobby entrance.



This is your view from the lobby. Beauty at its finest. Indeed a breath taking sight. That is why dark lobby would not matter anymore. Do you agree?



This is the map of the Plantation Bay. Yes, you would need a map so as not to get lost if you are looking for something. All guests are given a paper map to carry that looks exactly like this. Plantation Bay land area is approximately 300 acre. This is the biggest beach resort in Cebu that I know with almost all amenities that people will love.


(aerial photo not owned by the blogger)



With my teammates hanging out in the veranda of our room with the beautiful view of the Orion Beach.



Summer Frolix sand castle. It’s like a fiesta here in Plantation Bay everyday!



This is the best part of staying in Plantation Bay. They have a bike that you can ride on if you are too lazy to walk for a stroll.



That’s the sign going to Savannah Park for some recreational activity.



This is the wall climbing area. This time I was not able to climb because there are a lot of us and it is almost closing time. I remembered back in 2009, the first time I came here in Plantation, I was able to finish wall climbing in 15 minutes.  I was still working out at that time with very good upper body strength. I wonder if I did climbed at this time, will I be able to finish it? That I don’t know. Lol.



This is the archery area and my most favorite area of ‘em all. I am always fascinated with bow and arrow. From Legolas to Katniss Everdeen to Ygritte the wilding of Game of thrones, I have always wanted to target and give it my bull’s eye shot. So you see, the bow is taller than me. Haha



Aiming for bull’s eye right there.



That’s my shot, 2 arrows in the blue and 1 in red. I was not able to hit the bull’s eye, but that will suffice.



The beautiful West Salt Water Swimming Lagoon.



My beautiful teammates at the Peninsula Beach.



Team shot!



DSC_0193 DSC_0195

My view at the back is the East Salt Water Swimming Lagoon.





Night swimming with my team mates at the East Salt Water Swimming Lagoon.



After all the booze and the not so good night sleep, I was recharged for a good round of billiards in the Game room the next day.



That is my friend Danica in the Gazebo.



And me, the view in the back is the Natural Lagoon.



The beautiful view of the Gazebo and the wooden path walk that divides the West and East Salt Water Swimming Lagoon.


DSC_0281 DSC_0282

Sulking in the early morning sun in the pristine clear water. This is heaven!




Hot weather refreshment, the Coconut Bar.



I may not be good at swimming but I am good at biking. 🙂


DSC_0298 DSC_0299

Another round of biking for today with Nikki.



Cafe Palermo, restaurant on the west side.



The Figi restaurant on the east side of the beach.



Kalimanjaru Cafe is another restaurant. This is the restaurant that is inclusive with the guest accommodation.



This is inside the Mogambo Springs. They have Spa for therapeutic massage here.


DSC_0310 DSC_0313

So we are now called the Mogambo ladies.



Miniature Chinese temple all around the area inside the Mogambo Spring.



Looking at this makes me think that I am on another side of the world.



Approaching the tunnel with the Philippine flag on top.



The traditional gas lantern. The tunnel is really dark, this lantern indeed served its purpose.





Danica and Nikki beside the biggest surf board.



I really don’t know what these seats are for but I find them really cute.


DSC_0346 DSC_0347

Islet in the middle of the lagoon. The hammock will make your sunbathing relaxing.




I hope you enjoyed my little Plantation Bay tour.


For information:

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa
Marigondon, Mactan Island
Cebu, Philippines 6015
Tel. + 63 32 505 9800
Fax + 63 32 505 9818