Puerto Princesa, Palawan (Baker’s Hill)

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Baker’s Hill is the place to be when people want to buy pasalubong. They have all Palawan delicacies that tourists would love. That includes the Palawan’s cashew nuts and hopia. I intended to blog just for the Baker’s Hill alone because this is my most favorite place in Puerto Princesa. Everything seemed to be picture perfect, that I cannot help myself from taking pictures in every corner.



This is how it looks like outside. Listed are the names of their special delicacies.  Just a little information on how to get to Baker’s Hill from the City, you will need to ride a tricycle as it is the cheapest means of transportation going to Baker’s Hill. Tricycle drivers offer a city tour from P500-700 and they will take you to 5-6 tourist spots in the city. If you will just go to Baker’s Hill alone, you will be charged for P20-30 pesos one-way ride. It is best to ask the tricycle driver to wait for you since you will have a hard time getting a tricycle back to the city.  Now, let us have a little tour inside the Baker’s Hill.



That’s me and my wonderful friends who are as excited as I am for this tour.



As soon as you entered Baker’s hill, you already felt at home. It’s just like strolling in your own backyard (except that it is a really huge backyard).



They also have a souvenir shop inside for those who want to buy some Palawan shirts, key chains and other pasalubong items.



Lovers would really love this heart shaped frame stand.



The garden is very clean and green. It has been properly maintained.



And who would not love to have a carriage and horse in the backyard? It looks too enchanting; you can even ride on the horse.



Witweew!! Hey there sexy Marilyn.



Oh! I bet this statue is even sexier than Marilyn.



Shake-A-Hula is a refreshment bar. It is ideal for tourist who wants to chill from a hot day tour.



Baker’s Hill is a really clean place. It’s too clean; you would be ashamed to throw your garbage anywhere.



This is the Baker’s Kitchen pizza parlor. Pizza fanatics will surely love this place.



This is the Baker’s Kitchen Restaurant in Baker’s Hill.



You would be amazed with this place because they have all the things you need, from dining, refreshments, pizza, bakeshop, garden and even playground. Yes, they do have a garden and playground; you will see that on the succeeding photos.



This is another restaurant across the Baker’s Kitchen Restaurant. It is like an extension since it still goes with the same name. And yes, there is another Marilyn standing in the entrance to lure some customers. Lol!



Beside the restaurant is Cinderella and her 7 dwarfs. Cute, isn’t it?



Floating petals in a basin of water.

We are now approaching Baker’s Hill garden with a very nice landscape idea.

DSC_0953 DSC_0955

And this is the playground that I am talking about. Parents will surely love this place coz they will be able to stroll while leaving their little tots to play in the playground.



Cool Aviary signage!

The following photos are the beautiful landscape of the Baker’s Hill Garden. It is such a romantic place; I am head over “hills” in love!

DSC_0958 DSC_0962 DSC_0967 DSC_0968b DSC_0968c

Alert! Alert! Pirates ahead. Lol.



The lovely Shriek Family! Mommy Fiona and the kids.



Oh! There goes Daddy Shriek. Let me give you some love Daddy Shriek!



Cool toilet! Would you love to pee in there?



So cute! That’s my friend Jenifer right there.



Oh god! I am gonna be eaten by a big Anaconda. Spare me my life, please!



This is the first house of the owner when they were starting Baker’s Hill. What’s great about this family is that they started from a humble beginning.


This is now the new house of the owner. I guess people who strived for success reaped the fruits of their hard labor, as evidence by the life that they lavish now. Who would expect that a small business would become one of your province tourist attractions?

DSC_1003 DSC_1003a

And this is the very first reason for their success. The bakeshop that stood the test of time and recipe of their hopia and other delicacy has been incomparable.



This is the most chewy and delicious crinkles I have ever tasted, and yes the cheapest. If I will go back to Puerto Princesa I will buy and bring home a lot of this.



Palawan is very popular with their Cashew nuts. It is also in Palawan where cashews are the cheapest. That is because Palawan is the largest manufacturer of cashew nuts.

Breads I love!!

DSC_1007 DSC_1010

This is their Super-moist choco caramel cupcake. Believe me, it is too mouth-watering you’ll forget your name after one bite. Lol. Exaggeration it is.



And last but not the least, their very popular hopia. It’s very delicious and cheap at 40-45 peso price per box. No wonder this is the tourist favorite pasalubong.

I hope you enjoyed our Baker’s Hill little tour. Post your comments for questions and I will answer them for you.

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