Puerto Princesa, Palawan (Underground River)

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On our last day in Palawan, we indeed saved the best for last for visiting the Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR). I am proud to say that it is now one of the 7 Wonders of Nature. If you are planning a trip to visit the PPUR, you must need to book it ahead especially for peak season when there are a lot of tourist who visits the PPUR. To do this online, please access this site http://ppur.com.ph/

Lucky for us who visited PPUR on off season because we do not need to do the booking for this tour ahead of time. We just went to a travel agency and they will take care of everything for us.  The agency that we contacted is Kalokairi Travel and Tours. Their Marketing Manager Michelle Tan was so kind to arrange it for us from our transportation from hotel up to the port, lunch at Gusto Grill, boat ride from the port to the Puerto Princesa National Park where PPUR is located, and the boat tour to the Underground River itself. This package cost us P1300/pax. If you wish to arrange the tour package that Kalokairi Travel and Tours provided us, simply contact Michelle Tan with this number +63926-7015492/+63947-4249104, or email at mitch@kalokairitours.com.

01What a nice morning on our way to the Puerto Princesa Port. For the whole tour, we were accompanied by a tour guide from Kalokairi. Her name is Sarah, and she has been providing us with information about Palawan.

02 03On our way, we dropped by a souvenir shop. They have key chains, ref magnets, t-shirts and all other souvenirs from Palawan.

04 06 05We also dropped by Karst Mountain Elephant Cave. This spot has been popular because the Amazing Race Asia used this location on the Leg 11 of the race.

08Here we are now on the Underground River.

08aPlease be mindful of the signage that you will see.


09 09aThis is the registration area. If you are accompanied by your tour guide, the tour guide will be the one to register your names.

12Me and my friends Aisa and Jen on the Puerto Princesa Nature Park. Lovely background, isn’t it?


12a 13This is the Photo booth for those who want to get a copy of their photos. There will be photographers who will take photos during the tour and you have the option to print your photos. This is not free of charge; there will be corresponding prices depending on the size.

13aThis is the Audio Tour booth. It is good for foreign tourist since the audio is delivered in English, to help tourist during the tour.

14Signage before boarding the boat for Underground River tour.

15These are the safety equipments that you need to put on before boarding the boat, safety hat and life jacket.

22 23Bon Voyage to us!!



25bThis is the entrance to the cave. Looks like an ordinary cave, but wait and see because the wonder lies behind those walls.

26 28


29Writings that has been there for a long time.


30Bats inside. Be careful not to open your mouth! Lol!


31 34Stalactites and Stalagmites formation. You will be amazed with these formations. By using your imagination, you will be able to create an image of an objects or even a person. What you will see inside is a beauty of nature to behold.


35End of the tour. I definitely loved this tour. I was able to see things that I didn’t know it existed.


37This is the ducking port for the boat. Safety gears will be returned and will be placed on its designated compartments.


39 43Since we are on the Nature Park, monkeys are just like us who can walk and stroll on the park. Just be careful not to bring any plastic with food, or food, because they will snatch it from you. You are also not advised to show off your wallet because they also snatch it in exchange of food. Getting wiser huh?


44Monitor Lizards. There is an area that they can walk freely, but people are not encouraged to go near them because they can be dangerous too.



46Nice pose right there! Looks like someone’s watching our every move.


47 48 49This has been a nice experience for me and my friends.



The tour ended perfectly. We have just saw the most fascinating view that the wonder of nature gave us. 


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