Qube Gallery: Juxtaposed, A World at Large Series

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Another exciting event that attended last September 10, 2015 was an art exhibit with the theme; Juxtaposed: A World at Large Series.


To juxtapose is to place different things together in order to create an interesting effect or to show how they are the same or different. Qube fearlessly juxtaposes the brilliance of two artists who have never met. The works belong to the World-at-Large Series, an exhibition category that celebrates international talents –of Sacha Cotture, who’s Swiss, and of Jose Antonio Nigro, who is Italian-Venezuelan. The world arena converges at Qube where both of the featured artists showcase their common goal to accentuate the value of aesthetic that is limitless yet already evident and existent.



With the stars of the night Sacha Cotture and Jose Antonio Nigro. Photo from A-list.


Without further a do, I will show you the arts of Sacha Cotture.


Sacha’s art are all abstract, he commonly uses Chinese ink or acrylic in canvas or Chinese ink in paper. Of all types of painting, abstract it my least favorite because it would require me to interpret the art, but by just looking at the work of Sacha Cotture I can say that he is a bit transparent in his emotion. The stroke of his brush shows me pure energy and cosmic flow. He draws inspiration in everything that he sees around him and he doesn’t have particular theme when he paints. If he sees a branch of a tree, he will make a abstract painting based on its shape and structure.

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These 2 are my favorite, it is called The Birth of Thoughts 1 and 2. The art maybe an abstract art of it was neatly painted.

06 07 08

Thank you Sacha for giving me an insight and enlightening me about your art. It was indeed awesome chatting with you.


Now here are the photos of Jose Antonio Nigro.


Just like me he also loves travelling and taking snaps of the beauty of the world through his lenses. What he captures are candid photos of people’s daily activity, nature and nations culture. He loves to travel to Asian countries and take random shots of people around him and collate all for his collection of outstanding masterpiece.

10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Thank you Jose for allowing me to get to know you and opening my eyes to see the beauty of simple things.


The event was also attended by Cebu’s elite community.


Me with Laña Osmena and Michael.



Jose Antonio Nigro with Stephanie Estelea and Stephanie Larrandabure.



Aileen Glori Cergneux, Michael Hennessy and Rose Hennessy. 



Sandra Casteran-Pesch, Ileana Andrea Gioielli, and Amparito Lhuillier.


22 23

With Ichael Serneo and Hanz Coquilla.



With Micah Almazan and Christine Cueto.



With Cybill Gayatin of A-list. Thank you so much for having me!



Sacha Cotture with my dear friend and photographer Cheny Santizas.



Another awesome night to remember. Art exhibit in Qube Gallery allowed me to appreciate art in all form. Ended the night happy and satisfied.

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Juxtaposed runs from the 10th to the 29th of September at Qube Gallery, Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu City.