Qube Gallery: Shadow Fragments by Leopoldo Aguilar

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Another art exhibit that I surely can’t miss is the solo exhibit of Leopoldo Aguilar’s Shadow Fragments. His artwork is part of Qube’s Premier Collection Series that will be displayed until December 3, 2015.


Born in 1972, Leopoldo Aguilar, Jr. earned his Certificate in Fine Arts in the University of the Philippines – Cebu Campus. As a student, Aguilar was recognised a consistent Joya Awardee. He also founded the Neo-Tribalism Movement, Inc., a group of visual artists, tattoo artists, and musicians who come together for exhibitions and performance art. He is now based in Manila, but he still finds himself coming back home every so often to show us how his art has been evolving.

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I had the chance to talk to him about his art and style in painting. “Go back to the roots”, a phrase that best describes his artwork. He said that the simplest and the first thing that you do when you are painting is creating lines and silhouettes, but he want this to be the base and the core of his painting. Using soft contrast he created a masterpiece that symbolizes origin and nature. His fascination with pre-historic culture and industrial materials become his inspiration on creating his sculptures.

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Me and Leopoldo Aguilar. Thank you so much sir for making me realize how important our culture in our future developments. You are truly and inspiration to everyone.



Thank you so much for having me A-list!


To see more of Leopold Aguilar’s painting, visit Qube Gallery in Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu City.