Quebec City 2020, Day 2

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Our second day in Quebec City was just as memorable and extraordinary as the first. I’ve got to see the places that I’ve been wanting to explore, and since it is my goal to visit Quebec City in different seasons, summer visit has finally been ticked off the bucket list. If you haven’t checked the first part of this blog, please click here.

We started our day by going to the Frida Kahlo exhibit at Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec. It was probably one of the highlights of the trip because it has always been my dream to see Frida Kahlo’s arts in person. Going there first thing in the morning, optimistic and full of energy reminds me of the day I went to see the Imagine Exhibit by Vincent Van Gogh. Now that I think about it, I will be blogging about that exhibit too! And, going back to Frida, it was pure luck and coincidence that brought us there, it was never part of the plan. The exhibit started on the 12th of July and we went there on the 13th which is the second day of the exhibit. As soon as we arrived in the museum, there were already people lining up to get inside. They appear to be as equally excited as I am to see Frida’s masterpieces.

Here I am at the entrance, just before going inside the exhibit.

Since I love Frida and her arts, I decided that I will create a separate blog about the exhibit in hopes that I can share how wonderful she is as a person and how talented she is as an artist. I will be posting the blog in a few days.

Here are some of the photos taken of Frida inside the museum as an overview.

After our dose of Frida Kahlo amusement, we decided to eat something “fancy-ish” to celebrate our birthdays. We chose the D’Orsay Restaurant Pub, which was a great choice since they have Paëlla that I’ve been craving for in the last couple of months.

The weather was perfect on that day. It was supposed to rain based on the forecast, but it held up to give us a bright sunny day. We ate outside for the ultimate al fresco dining experience and got to appreciate the beautiful structure of Old Quebec while enjoying the savoury meal.

I ordered Paëlla D’Orsay, and I literally can’t get enough of the aromatic smell of saffron rice with chicken, shrimps, mussels, chorizo sausages, artichoke hearts and peas.

My darling boyfriend ordered Bavette de boeuf marinée, a marinated flank steak with fries and veggies.

After we stuffed ourselves up, we decided to take a stroll at Quartier Petit Champlain, then beelined to see the Place Royale. These are my favourite places in Quebec City. I will never get tired coming here again and again because up until this very moment, it is still as magical as the first day I saw it. The spark never fizzled.

Just like the day before, we were able to walk in Petit Champlain without brushing elbows with other people, which, to be honest, is still unbelievable. COVID prevented US and International visitors from coming, so Canadian residents got to enjoy the beauty of the city.

This was the first time that I had my photo taken in this red door. If you are Asian and a fan of Goblin, you will understand why. Every time I pass by this door before, there will always be a line of Asians waiting to have their photos taken. During our visit, it was empty, like nada! No Asians waiting for photos so I decided to have my photo taken instead. Not a fan of Goblin, I haven’t seen it, but I thought this might make my Goblin fanatic friends jealous. Lol!

As soon as we reached the end of Petit Champlain, we decided to take a break and ordered desserts at Crêperie et Cie. I was craving for churros, so I ordered one while my darling boyfriend ordered vanilla ice cream with fruits and chocolate drizzle.

This wall art is also the reason why I always walk to the very end of the Petit Champlain.

Now to my other favourite area, the Place Royale. There is a certain familiarity that I love about this place. I like the little restaurant at the corner, the brick-walled houses and buildings adorned by flowers, the cobbled streets, the wall arts, the church and the statue in the middle of those landmarks.

Accidentally intagramable. Who would have thought I will have my photo taken in Place Royal with zero photo bomber at the back?

That’s it for the second part of my Quebec City blog! It was truly an amazing experience. I am hoping we will be able to visit again this coming winter for a winter wonderland experience.

Outfit Details:
Culottes: Lululemon
Shoes: Lanvin
Bag: Diane von Furstenberg
Sunnies: Ray-Ban
Necklace: Swarovski
Watch: MVMT