Queen of the race track

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Outfit details:


Top: Belle Jean Clothing

Jeans: Belle Jean Clothing

Shoes: Parisian


Acessories: Beads and Pearls

Photos by: Joann Carlon


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You might wonder why my title is so off the picture. Well, I could say the title is behind the picture. This photo was shot in the Kartzone for our fun karting trip with my friends. For this day, I opted for a more comfortable and race ready outfit. I ditched my dresses for this day coz I want to win! Well, I surely did won since I am the most experienced in karting among my friends. Lol!


High Heels on karting? Why not? You’re not going to run anyway, all you need to do is to control the steering wheel and step on the gas pedal and breaks, I don’t think you will need a flat shoes for that. I do not know how to drive a real car, but I am such a bad-ass kart driver. For sure if I will learn how to drive a real car, I will absolutely become one of those citom-headache-drivers. Lol. But surely I am going to be more careful. I am always careful anyway.


What I like about my outfit today is the color. It is not my usual pastel, floral, feminine outfits. Well, I guess it is indeed my karting outfit. If I will talk about comfort, I will rate 100% for this whole outfit. My top is a hanging cropped top and open on the sides, so that’s what made it comfortable for me. My jean is superb cool too, I love the lace that accentuated the waist and the bottom part of my jeans; it brings edge to this outfit. I really love my super comfy shoes as well; it is like I am just like I am walking on flats. I am just a sucker for comfort, so there goes my obra-maestra!