Shades of Gray

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Outfit Details:

Dress:  Gids Holie Dress

Shoes:  Parisian Heels

Accessories: Beads and Pearls accessories

Photos by: Aisa Mangompit

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This is the usual outfit I wear when I am going to the mall or going out with friends. It’s a different case if I go to work, since we are asked to dress up, but I can also wear this dress on our dress down days.  I love the combination of this dress. The top is a plain Gray shirt and the skirt is floral printed. I don’t want to be all Gray since that would look boring and I don’t want to wear all floral because I would look overdressed. You might be thinking that this is a separate top and skirt, but actually they are not. They are connected as a dress. There are a lot of dresses that are styled like this. It can deceive but it can also emphasize your curves since the material is made of garter.

To make this outfit look more fabulous, I accessorized it with a pearl necklace with a floral brooch that matches the style of the skirt, while my shoe matches the color of the top. There should always be an equal distribution of colors for balance. Do not be afraid to experiment, but you also need to make sure that you are not under or overdressed. Do not be afraid to wear pearl accessories. People think that pearl accessories can only be worn on a special occasion or by old ladies, but guess what? It can also rock the simplest outfit you have.