Shine bright like a diamond

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Outfit details:

Bustier and Skirt: Belle Jean Clothing

Belt: SM accessories

Shoes: Gibi

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

Photos by: Aisa Mangompit

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This entire outfit is the hottest fashion trend this season, but not everyone has the guts to wear this outfit. I am a strong believer of “No guts, no glory”, because for me what defines a real woman is her attitude and confidence. I know I was not born with a very pretty face, a very nice skin or a very sexy body, but it is not a hindrance for me not to have an overflowing confidence. I am very particular with style, poise and composure. I am a prim and proper young lady that knows how to behave gracefully. It is self taught. I did not undergo training for proper manner and behavior; I just look at how people behave socially and how well they carry themselves. I’ve seen a lot of girls who looks very lovely with their outfit, but is acting like they are at the market with loud voices and improper body postures, laughs the loudest and uses vulgar words. I’ve also seen girls with lovely outfit, but they are too shy and cannot interact with other people, they are very self conscious and they usually sit at the corner. They become labelled as “wallflowers”. I would rather be the person who doesn’t dress well or someone mismatched, but is very sociable and crowd loving. Someone who wears the baggiest clothes but still very confident and natural. You will be really blessed if you have both. This is always possible for everyone because personality and confidence can be learned. It is not like a permanent physical disability that once you have it, you do not have a choice but to accept it. Embrace your individuality with love and optimism.

Enough for confidence boosting tete-a-tete (oh well, I just love women empowerment), let us see what I have for today. My top is a corset/bustier and my skirt is a “short front, long back skirt” (too long for an outfit description). Since my skirt is red orange, I paired it with something light-colored, but feminine for a top. Balance is always the main key. Never under or overdo an outfit. I connected both with a nice red belt and red heels to complete the look. But remember to always accessorize. Bustier is a sexy-plunging top, and if you do not have a voluptuous front to show, better wear a bib necklace to divert people’s attention.