Singapore 2015 Part 1

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This trip was my first international trip. I have been looking forward for this for a very long time since my first trip to Singapore last 2014 was cancelled due to passport issue. I booked another trip because I wanted to visit Singapore. Yes, that is how badly I wanted to visit this country. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this place and I don’t want to miss the opportunity while I am still young and able. We only live once and our youth will not last forever. I know that if I decide to marry and have children in the future, financial constraints would forbid me to travel. So without further a do, I will show you my snaps for this travel.


The first thing we did on our first day was to visit Lucky Plaza in Orchard Road so we can check for cheaper tour packages. I would highly recommend this to budget travellers since travel agencies have promotions, discounts and bundled packages for the tour. We went to Super Saver Travel Agency to check for packages. Being the travel girl scout I always research ahead and check for tour prices as well as entrance fees, so I am fully aware of the rate of all tours and entrances before this travel. It was indeed worth all our efforts since we were able to save couple of dollars for entrance fees specially in Universal Studio and Legoland in Malaysia.


After our visit in Lucky Plaza, we went straight to ION Orchard Mall to check the biggest fashion boutiques. Since I still cannot afford these brands, I decided to pose for few snaps instead.

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We also visited the Thian Hock Keng Temple in Telok Ayer. There are supposed to be 2 temples that we are going to visit, but on our first day it was too hot in Singapore and staying outside would make you dehydrated, so we decided to cancel the Buddha Tooth tour.

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We did not stay that long in the Temple because of the weather. We passed this street of Telok Ayer and I so love it because most of the people here are dressed up. This place is like the IT Park of Singapore wherein you will see people on their corporate attire.

13 14 CAMERA

This is the entrance going to Telok Ayer MRT. This is a really convenient mode of transportation because there is no traffic and MRT travels faster than cars. I hope we will have this here in the Philippines in the future.



This map has been my best friend in Singapore. It is very precise and you can find everything you are looking for on the map. Plus, Singapore has a lot of signages (like literally every corner), you will never get lost.


We also visited the Merlion Park to have a picture with the iconic Merlion statue. Your Singapore trip will surely not be complete if you will not see the Merlion statue. Just across the park is the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer and Singapore Museum.

17 18 19


This beautiful city calls for beautiful outfit, so I decided to have a little photo shoot with my mint green maxi dress.

20 21 23 22



The Window of Hope is very unique.



Big buildings around Merlion Park. Singapore is really clean you would be ashamed to throw even your candy wrapper.



The Singapore Museum, Helix Bridge and Singapore Flyer sits beautifully. I could stare at it all day.


28 29

And finally the Merlion Statue, looking so grand.


30 CAMERA 32 33

The streets of Singapore. Less traffic, less pollution.


We stayed in Chinatown because it is where we found a budget decent hotel. I also love it there because foods are not expensive and you can buy a lot of souvenirs for a lesser price.


I was really curious about this since day one, but we didn’t have the opportunity to visit before we left. Lesson learned, satisfy your cravings and buy what you need to buy because once you left Singapore, there is no turning back.



The streets of Chinatown.


36Chinese street foods are on demand.



I always see this sign when I exit MRT station in Chinatown and I can’t help not to smile every time I see it.



Coke is on sale on all Seven Eleven store for $1, from a regular rate of $2.20. Though coke is still cheaper in the Philippines, this price is already a steal!


That’s it for the first part of my Singapore travel. Stay tuned for more travel photos.


Today’s Outfit Details:
Dress: D. Closet
Shoes: SM Parisian flats
Bag: Ever New
Sunnies and Ring: Forever 21
Bracelet: Nima
Other accessories: Beads and Pearls