Singapore 2015 Part 3

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This will be my final blog for our Singapore trip. Everything about this trip is very memorable and still brings nostalgia evertime I think about it. I love this country because their people are very disciplined and the place is also very safe. You can go out at 12 midnight and you will not be scared that someone might harm you. People are friendly and you will not have hard time understanding them since the also speak English. This will just be a photo blog of the random snaps I took in the Lion City.



Beautiful day in Singapore.



Shots taken at Sentosa.

DSC_0207-001 DSC_0210-001




At Merlion Park, Sentosa.

DSC_0260-001 DSC_0294-001 DSC_0423-001

At the Terraces just outside the Madame Tussauds building.

DSC_0427-001 DSC_0589-001 DSC_0590-001

The clean streets of Singapore.

DSC_0592-001 DSC_0642-001

Blending in with the lavender flowers just outside The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Hotel.

DSC_0645-001 CAMERA IMG_20150614_135452_HDR

Our lunch in Ruyi, the cheapest restaurant that we found in Sentosa.


Our dinner in Tak Po where we got surprised with our bill because the peanuts that we thought was complimentary was charged $1 SGD and the wet wipes that we thought was for free was also charged for $2 each. We just laugh about it afterwards because the food was great anyway.


Life is beautiful and full of surprises. This travel marks my first international trip and I promised myself that I will never stop exploring the world.