So Long Everybody!

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These photos were taken at the start of spring, so it was still a bit cold hence I am wearing a coat. I was with my friend walking around McGill University Campus. It was a calm and peaceful day and I was feeling elated for the coming of better days. At this time, I was still in the middle of my nursing program and going inside the McGill campus makes me feel just like everyone on the campus. We all have dreams and we want to make those dreams a reality. I am one of the hopefuls.

Today, I will be blogging my last entry before my indefinite hiatus. Things have been falling according to plan for me. I am preparing for my next big step in improving my life and career and with that, I need to be away for a while. I love blogging and it is something that I enjoy doing on the side because I get to show a different side me. I gained readers and followers who appreciate the work that I do, but blogging is just 25% of who I really am. I will be deactivating my social media accounts 3 days from today to prevent distractions, but I will keep my website running. I will also take this opportunity to grow as a person; away from the social media world that I have gotten accustomed to. To be in touch with nature and to connect more to people.

I’ve been blogging for 6 years with no grand expectations. All I want to do is to share. I never made this a business blog or planned on making this a business blog and I am glad that I didn’t because if I did, I might just be as crazy as everyone about algorithms. I have nothing against them, they are just trying to meet ends, but I know for a fact that it causes great anxiety. I don’t want to go there, never will I ever take the pressure of the virtual world upon myself. For now, I have soul searching to do, but I’ll come back. When? I don’t know yet. I love you all. So long everybody!

Outfit Details:

Top: Sexy Girl
Pants: Jag
Coat: Seduction by Siren
Bag: Coach
Boots: Geox
Necklace: Emma and Chloe
Bracelet: Franck Herval Bijoux
Eyeglasses: Willow Mae

Photo credits to: Marie Fernandez