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Outfit Details:

Dress: Tao Yi Fang

Bag: Secosana

Shoes: So Fab!

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

Photos by: Joann Carlon

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This is another corporate sassy dress that I am wearing. If you will just look in front, it looks too plain and simple. But if you will check the back of the dress, you will be blown away by the sexiness of the ribbon design. This is absolutely what I liked about the dress plus it makes me look mature. Simplicity is always classic and just by looking at the front, you will absolutely say that it is a very classic dress, but if you will check the back, then you will have to take your word and say “that is a modern-classic dress”. There is too much sameness in the fashion world. Dress designs are very predictable. It is always good to see a surprise on what someone is wearing. What is good about following the trend is that, you are on style, but isn’t it very generic to be like everyone else? One can design a dress like everyone else’s design, it only differ in color. It is always a good thing to be unique. I do not follow trend, I dress based on what I like and what I think will look good on me and what is comfortable for me. What someone needs to know about fashion is not about following what is hot for the season, but what you think is good for you.