Spring Fling

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The weather got extra amazing for Spring, so my friends and I went out to enjoy the sun in the terrace of this beautiful French Patisserie in Montreal called Duc de Lorraine, then decided to stroll around the park after. Suddenly, I felt like a Parisian girl going out and about. I wore a nice floral top and an A-line denim skirt with little floral details on the side because I am feeling extra girly.

My style change as the season change, and because it is Spring you will see me in nothing but floral clothes until mid-Fall. For sure, I will get a lot of comments and questions such as:
“You really like flowers, don’t you?”
“Hey, flower girl!”
“Why do you like floral dresses so much?”

Trust me, I asked myself the same question, even daunting than yours such as:
“Is this still appropriate for my age?”
“What would people think of me if they see in this outfit?”

I’ve read an article of a Clinical Psychologist named, Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner and she said

‘Your clothes reveal what is really going on internally. Your thoughts and feelings are laid bare in the closet – you just have to look for them.’

I guess I don’t have to explain how colorful and pretty I want my life to be. I stopped thinking of what others think of me and just do whatever it is that makes me happy. Florals make me happy and I will stay like this until I don’t feel like wearing it anymore.

How about you, do you also have fashion dilemma? Share yours in the comment section below.


Outfit Details:

Top: Belle Jean Clothing
Skirt: Simons
Shoes: Le Chateau
Bag: Aldo
Earrings: Franck Herval Bijoux
Bracelets: Franck Herval Bijoux and Live Lokai
Coat: Forever 21

Photo Credits to Claire Magsumbol