Stop and Stare

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Outfit Details:

Top: Karimadon top

Skirt: Natural Cleek lace skirt

Shoes: Gibi heels

Accessories: Beads and Pearls accessories

Photos by: Aisa Mangompit

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I’ve always wanted to shoot in a place that would allow me to catch a glimpse of nature and appreciate it just like how I appreciate fashion. Growing up in a province, I somehow long to be in a quiet place for me to think and breathe fresh air. I have been living in the city since I started college. I do go home sometimes, but all visits are short. These photos were taken at Cebu Family Park in Talamban. Everything is green and peaceful. You could go to a very silent area and appreciate natures sound. I could only feel the air and hear my own heart beat. I have been deeply thinking a lot lately and being in a place that will allow me to contemplate has been very helpful in clearing my mind with all confusions.

I choose a nature loving theme as well. Everything is green and I would love to be the flower in between. I created a do-it-yourself floral crown that would match the color of my top. I’ve always loved to be a nature goddess, and this theme is perfect for enchantment. This top has always been my favorite. I love the color and style the first time I saw this top at Karimadon shop 2 years ago (yes, 2 years ago!). I can’t help but to drop by for fitting, and ended up buying. I was once an impulsive buyer and this is one of the product of my impulsiveness, and I can say that I never regret buying this item. I matched it with my light gray lace skirt. It looks white, but it is actually light gray. If you want to make one color noticeable, you should pair it with something lighter, that way there is going to be a balance between loud and light colors. Always look polished and add a touch of femininity and cuteness in every outfit. Put on accessories that will match your outfit. Always remember that an outfit without accessory is boring. We could be minimalist by not putting too much accessories, but you do not need to have big bangles or bib necklaces at all times. A simple earrings, ring or bracelet will do the trick. Thanks to Beads and Pearls for making this outfit perfect!