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Outfit Details:

Dress: Youyige
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Bag: Nine West
Earrings: Parfois
Ring: Call it Springs


My love for gold has been full blown lately. I discovered that it is not just white that can go along with anything, but also gold. I have been hoarding gold accessories lately, just like this mini chandelier earring that I got from Parfois. I usually buy my accessories from Franck Herval, like literally traveling to Lapu-Lapu City so I can buy their new products. But just recently, I discovered that Parfois also got beautiful accessories on a much lesser price. I am also checking other stores like Forever 21 accessories if their accessories are high quality so I will not be travelling to Lapu-Lapu City to buy new stuff. It is not that I don’t love Franck Herval anymore, but it is just that travelling to Lapu-Lapu City is very tasking and I spend most of my time traveling.


I love dangling and chandelier earrings because it will totally improve how you look specially if it matches your outfit. And my outfit will never be complete without an over-sized fashionable ring. Without accessories, I feel totally bare and it doesn’t feel right going out without them. They are my fashion statement and I wouldn’t mind heavy bling-bling in my ears as long as they’re beautiful.


Each of us have our own fashion statement. So what’s yours?