Tara Na! Press Conference

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TV 5 is cooking something to excite Cebuano viewers and that is the newest addition to their shows called, “Tara Na!” This time it is going to be a travel show that will feature the finest tourist destination in the Visayas region particularly Cebu. This show will be hosted by Gino Galicia, Cordova Vice Mayor Teche Sitoy Cho and Benjoe Leoncio. 




During the press conference, questions was raised that was answered promptly by the hosts. The word “Tara Na!” which was answered by Cordova Vice Mayor Teche Sitoy Cho is derived from the English word “Let’s Go”, which in bisaya also mean Tara na or Tana na. But they used Tara na because this dialect is very common bisaya word and every Filipino understands what it mean. Aside from showcasing beaches, resorts, and hotels, it will also feature tourist spots, restaurants, entertainment dens, latest events and happenings in Cebu. The goal of this show is to become a guide in exploring the beauty and history of the Visayas region that would capture the heart of local and foreign tourists. It will also allow viewers to be updated with the latest happenings in the metro and the newest restaurants to delve into. All unexplored places will be explored and Filipino culture will be highlighted as the show goes on. There will be 13 episodes for the first season, so there is a reason for us to be excited every weekend.



The hosts with the brains of the show. From left, Scriptwriter Glaiza Murillo, Gino Galicia, Cordova Vice Mayor Teche Sitoy Cho, Benjoe Leoncio and Director Cris Damo.



This time with PR executive Emma Villarente and TV5 Sales and Marketing executive Rochel Limaco.


Looks like a travel butterfly like me will have something to look forward to. The show will air every Sunday from 7:30 – 8:30 AM at TV5 and pilot episode will air on June 21, 2015.