The child in me

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I was too busy growing up that I already forgot how it’s like to be young and to be free, to play outside and be a child again. I decided to visit a playground and unwind. To think and to contemplate of how fast-paced my life had become. People are too busy with their lives and too busy to get to the highest position, thinking that it will give them satisfaction, and because of that, they can no longer enjoy simple pleasures in life.


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I do dream big, strive by trudging the treacherous path, but I can still say that also miss a carefree life. A life when all you need to do is to think of what is the thing that can make you happy NOW. I went to the swing. I did what I always do back in kindergarten; to swing on full speed until all I can hear is the hush of air in my ears.


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I also tried seesaw. You might be wondering who is on the opposite side with me. Well, it is none other than my best friend Aisa. We go to any place we like and we talk about everything under the sun. Talking to a friend about crazy stuff, and think of why you are still not running out of words when you have been talking for almost every day for the whole year. I guess that is also how I enjoy the simple pleasures.



I choose to wear a flowing dress today. Sometimes you wish to be on the movie were the character is at the garden and the wind is blowing, it also blows her skirt. She has a straw hat because it’s too hot in the garden. Birds are chirping all around and you can feel them near you just like how they are printed on your dress.  Imagination it is, and I am always good at it.


It is always nice to get away from all the stress that life brings, to unburden and take away the hurts in our hearts and to live while we are still young.


Outfit details:

Dress: Belle Jean Clothing

Wedge: Parisian

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

Photos by: Aisa Mangompit


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