The Sporting Life

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Outfit Details:

Dress: 1 Percent
Bag: Marithe francois Girbaud
Shoes: Forever 21
Earrings: Parfois


Day off calls for simple comfy outfit and a pair of comfy shoes. I like lazy days because this is the chance for me ditch high heels and corporate clothes. I seldom wear sneakers, only when I am travelling but I realized I can use it when I go to mall or run errands. I also like my dress, it is made of cotton and spandex. Let me call this day the laziest day ever!


Oh! By the way, this is the second post that I am sporting my new hair style. I had to cut my hair short because long hair is not good when weather is always more than 30 degree Celsius and if you’ve noticed my previous posts, my black hair roots are already long. I like my golden blonde hair that even if coloring it damages my hair, I still color it blonde. I’m thinking of another hair style though. You will get to see it before the end of August (fingers crossed).