Typical Afternoon

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Outfit Details:

Dress and Bag: Belle Jean Clothing
Shoes: So Fab!
Accessories: Beads and Pearls


This is already a backlog post and I know I have failed to post like my usual every other day post. I am no longer active in blogging like before. My life is pretty busy right now with my mom being ill and I need to be with her on her series of check ups. I am still happy every time I can squeeze in blogging with my really busy schedule. Today, I am wearing my high-low cut dress which I still find very interesting. seldom see high-low cut dresses now because most people have already moved on with this style. I guess I have separation anxiety when it comes to fashion because even if people are already bored with this style, I am still wearing them with the same enthusiasm the time it started. I am a very classic person. There are fashion trends that really doesn’t suit me because it is not my personality. I know that being a fashion blogger would mean you will need to showcase the hottest style, but my mantra would still be “concentrate on comfort”. We are all born unique. Do not be a copycat!


That’s all for today lovely ladies!


I will try to blog often for updates.