Vacation Vibe

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This is my outfit on our second day in Kuala Lumpur. Being in Southeast Asia will give you the privilege to wear summer breezy outfit all year round. I guess it is something that I miss about my home country, Philippines. It was year 2016 when I discovered Maxi Skirts. I was reluctant to wear this style because I thought Maxi Skirt would make me look short, but surprise! It actually made me look few inches taller, thanks to the long silhouette illusion. Girls nowadays are scared to wear maxis because they get the impression that the longer your skirt, the conservative you look. But hey! Just because a skirt is long, doesn’t mean it can’t be sexy. It is my number one fashion rule to do balance styling by knowing when to show some skin without looking provocatively sexy. So if my skirt is long I reach for a sleeveless tank top just to show some skin, and if my skirt is short or a micro mini, I try to wear loose fitting top or something with longer sleeves. A sheer maxi is the perfectly fashionable way to flirt. You can also complement your look with vivid contrasting colors.

Outfit Details:

Top, Skirt and Flats: Forever 21
Cardigan: PIT Korea
Bag: Steve Madden
Sunnies: Wear Vintage
Necklace: Pandora
Watch: Mockberg
Bracelet: Franck Herval