Vue Dine and Drink

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I have been curious for the very long time about this restaurant. I have always wanted to visit this place where they say food is great and view with all the yacht is just so magnificent you would not expect that this place really exist in the heart of the island of Mactan, Cebu.


Without having a second through, we travelled all the way from Cebu City to Mactan for a glimpse of this place and taste the luscious food they offer.



Vue is a French word for view. I guess that is where the name of the restaurant derived from and it really speaks for itself because just in front of the restaurant is the view of the sea, yacht and azure blue sky. This is located inside the Cebu Yacht Club.



This is the restaurant. This is an open area with only ceiling fans to help customers feel little cooler in this kind of weather. Seriously with the temperature of 33 degrees, these ceiling fans didn’t really help at all as I am already sweating like crazy. I think it would be better if this restaurant has an air conditioned room for their customers who would love a cooler area to eat, because Philippines is a very tropical country with a very terrible climate during summer.





I was still able to take a descent shot for my own outfit of the day before my make up become smudgy as the heat melts them all.





I totally agree that this place has a very magnificent sight. I could stare at this all day, watch the boats come and go and memorize all the names of the yacht.



It was a little cloudy when we went there but the temperature is still at 33 degrees.



Cool wall decor!


Let’s go to the menu.


This is kinda microscopic but they have a wide variety of food to choose from. They have Breakfast meals, Starters, Soups, Salads, and Entrees.



At the back page is the list of Sandwiches, Panini, Baguette, Burgers, Pasta, Sausages, and Desserts.



We ordered Bacon Quesadilla as a Starter. Price: P150.00. Very tasty with the tomato sauce.



Chicken Scallopine. This is a breast fillet in herbed bread crumbs and caper cream sauce. Served with veggies and mashed potato. Price: P250.00



Chicken Toscana. This is also a breast fillet in tomato sauce with olives and mozzarella. Served with veggies and rice. Price: P230.00

I really love their main dish because it’s very tasty, flavorful and well cooked in a huge serving. You will already be full before finishing the whole thing.



Iced Choco. I swear to god, this is the worst Iced Choco that I have ever tasted. It’s all water and I think choco is just for coloring as I cannot taste it anymore. I am a lover of chocolate and I can surely tell that Milo and Ovaltine are much better than this. Price: P75.00. Not worth it after all.



Iced Latte. This one tastes bitter. They didn’t even add sugar to at least make it a little sweeter. It is not worst though, but still not that good. Price: P80.00


The whole experience was good, so now I am giving my verdict. If I am to dine in restaurants, I have my own scoring criteria. That is 2 points for Food, 2 points for place and ambience and 1 point for customer service.


If I will to rate their food that will be 2 regardless if I did not like the Iced Choco and Iced Latte, because I super loved their Quesadilla, Chicken Scallopine and Toscana.


For the Place and Ambience that will be 1 point, because the place is just too hot, we are sweating profusely. I would highly suggest for them to at least make the place half air conditioned and half al-fresco. I think that would really be fair enough for all customers.


For the customer service, I will give 0.5 points. Their staffs are not friendly and not even smiling. People in the kitchen are yelling at each other, customers can hear it. We were also outside the restaurant taking a little picture of the place when a woman maybe cook or serving person or someone working in the restaurant (what made me think so is because of the uniform and the hair net that she is wearing) approached us and told us “Nanguyo na mo ug permit nga magpicture mo?” Did you already ask for permit that you will be taking pictures?


So I told her, “I saw the sign that taking of picture is only prohibited beyond the road point” (I said that in Bisaya).


She replied with wrinkled eyebrows and forehead. “Bisan pa, kay naa gud mo sa sud sa Cebu Yacht Club, makit an gani mo makabayad gud mo.” Regardless, since you are inside the Cebu Yacht Club, you should not be taking pictures or you will be penalized for that. And she walked out. I was speechless as I was able to read the sign about photography policy and shocked how they treat customers. I was taking picture because I want to blog the place for their good food and good customer service perhaps but I received a really sour treatment.


Therefore, the total score for this whole experience for me is 3.5/5.




For everyone who are curious just like me and wants to visit the place,

Vue Dine and Drinks is located at:

Cebu Yacht Club, F. Martir St., Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Phone: (032) 341-4754

Open from:  Sunday-Thursday 9AM-12PM and Friday-Saturday 9AM-2AM