Washington DC: Madame Tussauds

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I am not sure if I am doing a Madame Tussauds world tour but for the last 3 consecutive years during my travels, I’ve been going to Madame Tussauds. The first time was in Singapore last 2015, it was well planned and I was so happy to see my favorite celebrities up close even if it was just wax figures. The second time was in Hong Kong last 2016, we only went there for the One Direction wax figure, but to our disappointment it was already shipped back to UK on the day of our visit. Then last year, 2017 in Washington DC, we didn’t plan it but our Big Bus tour ticket includes Madame Tussauds, so here I am again for the third time!

There are over a hundred wax figures in Madame Tussauds in Washington DC, but the photos below are the photos of the figures I am interested in. If you are curious about the process of how these wax figure were made, I explained it on my Singapore Madame Tussauds post, just click the highlighted link above.


Let’s start with the US PRESIDENTS!


George Washington, the 1st US President.


John Adams, the 2nd US President.


Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd US President.


James Madison, the 4th US President.


James Monroe, the 5th US President.


John Quincy Adams, the 6th US President.


Andrew Jackson, the 7th US President.


Martin Van Buren, the 8th US President.


Zachary Taylor, the 12th US President.


James Buchanan, the 15th US President.


Abraham Lincoln, the 16th US President. Did I mention he is my favorite US President? Lol.


Andrew Johnson, the 17th US President.


Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th US President.


Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd US President.


John F. Kennedy, the 35th US President with his wife Jacqueline Kennedy.


Richard Nixon, 37th US President.


Ronald Reagan, the 40th US President with his wife Nancy Reagan.


George H.W. Bush, the 41st US President.


George W. Bush, the 43rd US President.


Barack Obama, the 44th US President with his wife Michelle Obama.


Donald Trump, the 45th US President.




Robert E. Lee


Winston Churchill


Standing between Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt.


Martin Luther King




Brad Pitt


Getting up close and personal with Zac Efron.








Taylor Swift


Jennifer Lopez


Miley Cyrus (middle) and Justin Bieber (right). I’m sorry guys I forgot the name of the guy on the left side. If you know this celebrity please comment below. 


Elvis Presley




Tiger Woods




Tyra Banks


Oprah Winfrey


Jimmy Fallon


It’s 2018 now and I am not sure what Madame Tussaud would I go to next, intentional or non-intentional. All I can say is, I should get a Loyalty award for being such a fan.

This is my last blog for Washington DC! It was a good 2 and a half day of exploration and I learned a lot about American history. DC is definitely a good place to start for those who haven’t been to the US.

If you missed my other Washington DC blogs, don’t worry you can check it here.