Weekend in Rawdon

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One sunny Summer afternoon, my friends and I decided to visit Rawdon. Random idea for a spontaneous road trip to the country side. The weather was perfect even if it’s a little gloomy and rain is a highly anticipated guest for this one-day adventure. I felt summery so I grabbed an off-shoulder top paired with a tattered jean and because of the expected trail walks, I reached for a nice pair of white sneakers. Why white? Je ne sais pas! Sometimes, trend knows no boundaries. I know I break all comfort rules just to look trendy.


This is my first off shoulder top that I deny myself buying even if its popularity becomes undeniable. The idea of reduced mobility due to some shoulder strains and the constant pulling of the sleeves when it gets up is something that I would not sign up to in the first place. But of course, trend is trend. My determining factor in buying clothes is the print and the color. Is it floral, is it pastel? If yes, without a doubt it will be added to the cart. My love for floral prints started before it became the seasons style staple. Back in the days when monochrome and color blocking is the hottest trend, I am still wearing floral and now that the style took center stage, I am one happy fashionista.

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Outfit Details:


Top: Forever 21

Jeans: Save the Date

Shoes: Adidas Superstar

Bag: Diane Von Furstenberg