West 35, Cebu

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It was a fine beautiful day when we decided to visit West 35 2 weeks ago when the weather was not yet bipolar. The decision to go there was to dine at Haven Cafe as I have been reading great reviews about their good food at a very reasonable price. We intend to travel there early so that we can also go home early as we will just be commuting.


How to get there:

From Ayala Center Cebu Terminal, we ride a V-Hire going to Balamban since West 35 is located in Balamban, Cebu. The place is known; just tell the driver that you wish to be dropped at West 35. V-hire fare is P120.00.



This is what you will see when you enter West 35, a huge signage along the road will let you know that you have already reached your destination.



There will be an entrance fee if you do not have the intent to dine. It is $50/pax consumable for weekdays and non consumable for weekends and holidays.





The place is so serene and peaceful. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, you can escape and visit this tranquil place. The place is very clean and beautifully landscaped; flowers are planted on the side walk, pine trees made the place really calming.




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This is the Rotunda. I honestly love how this place was structured in this mountainous area, but it would have been pretty if this is a fountain. But I do understand the architect for having stones structure instead of fountain since fountains are already becoming overrated. I bet this is also a fountain, it is just not working when we went there, and that I am not sure.



This is the office and concierge area if you wish to inquire for the Villa rates. Yes, they have Villas, huge enough, ideal for group outing, retreats and team buildings. But since we do not have the intention of staying overnight, we did not inquire anymore.



This is the playground. This place reminds me of my little brother; I bet he will surely love this place.



Reminder signage for safety inside the playground.



I hope I can also play, but I am already too old to play. I remembered when I was young, I was very afraid to try the slides. I guess I really did not try that back then. I am always a scared little girl.


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This is the way going to the Haven Cafe where we went to eat our lunch.




This view from the top is really breathtaking. The weather is perfect, it was not too hot and it is even chilly. The air is just so fresh you would wish you live here.



From the top I can also see the Villas.


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I wish I have a house on top of the mountain with view like this. Again, I wish…



Blue skies, green land and fresh air. What more can you ask for?



Welcome to Haven Cafe.

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The place does not have aircon, but there is truly no need for that because the place is on top of the mountain, it is always windy and even if it is sunny the air is chilly. That rhymes!



I’m chillin’. We were seated on the sides so that we can see the view.



I was browsing the magazine when I saw myself. This is an old photo taken during the opening of the first La Vie Parissienne in Lahug.



While we were waiting for our order, we had a little photo shoot. It is always mandatory. 🙂

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For refreshment we ordered West Minty Lemonade for P155.00



This is their Lechon Kawali for P255.00, I am a bit disappointed with the serving as it appears too small and it is just like a pork chop, not a Lechon Kawali. But nonetheless, it taste good and very flavorful.



This is their Grilled Boneless Chicken for P210.00. It is 2 Chicken breast in Pesto sauce, taste like heaven. No wonder this is their best seller.



This is the stairs going up.



This photo was taken on their roof deck. This is the highest point so you can already see the mountains on the other side.



The other things that I love about this place are the plants and flowers. Check out the lovely flowers that I captured. Now I wish I have a garden full of these.

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That wraps up my West 35 adventure. Stay tuned for my next adventures that I will be posting here in my blog.


Have a good day everyone!