Your highness

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Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit: Cocorigo

Shoes: Zanea

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

Photos by: Aisa Mangompit

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Jumpsuit is something that most people don’t wear. I also do not like jumpsuit before, because I always have a problem if I go to the toilet and pee. Well, I guess people can relate to this since you will need to remove everything in order for your call of nature urgency to be satisfied. I bet we are not used to be naked when going to pee, right?

The reason why I wore this jumpsuit this time is because, I fell in love with the style and I absolutely love the color. Jumpsuits have been a trend since last year and there are only few people who can carry this look. That goes to same issue of being afraid to experiment and people think that jumpsuit will only be suitable to tall people. Oh! I will definitely disagree. I only stand 5 ft in height, (well, plus 3-5 inches heels sometimes) but this only made me look taller. To those who are afraid to wear a jumpsuit, first, try the most comfortable jumpsuit that you can find, style it with accessories and wear your killer heels. That’s how jumpsuit magic works!